About SexinArt.net

SexinArt.net is a website dedicated to the portrayal of one of the most basic human acts and instincts through the creative process. SEX. In all its delightful and exciting forms.

Sex is a main topic of exploration for many talented artists from many different skill sets. The more we researched the more inspired we were by how the topic of sex (which for many is only discussed behind cupped hands in low voices) could be so prolific in the creation of art.

SexinArt.net is not about hardcore pornography (although you may find some on the site), It’s about the way we as humans portray sex, through our most creative outlets, art in all it’s infinite forms, from painting, to art photography, to industrial design, to self portraits taken at arms length with digital cameras (just to name a few).

We have created Sex in Art because we dig art and we dig sex. We hope you find our site stimulating, both in the creative and physical sense.

Sexy regards,