October 29th, 2011

Malena Morgan, the star of “Kamikaze Love”

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Malena Morgan, the star of “Kamikaze Love”

For years, MetArt has brought you some of the most breathtaking erotic models, and now they are poised to launch an exciting new adult site. Aimed at both men and women, myErotica.com will feature explicit, erotic HD entertainment using exclusive models and quality directing. In fact, acclaimed erotic director Zalman King leads the production of their feature movie, “Kamikaze Love”, which stars a very beautiful Malena Morgan. His impressive resume boasts such films as “Wild Orchid” and “9 1/2 Weeks” and he’s widely considered the “Godfather of erotic storytelling.

The content will be edgy and explicit, but will also deliver an intriguing storyline, strong narrative, and a plot that you’ll actually care about. Of course, it also features one of the most dazzling new models, Malena Morgan. This young girl made her debut on MetArt’s site recently and quickly rose to their #1 rated model. And this pretty face can act too – she’s not just reciting lines from memory, but actually puts believable emotion and feeling into her work, and comes across a fairly seasoned actress.

With a master like Zalman directing their movies, and fresh faces like Malena’s to star in them, MetArt should expect a whole lot of new admiration from their fans. They have been waiting for a more stimulating experience, and MyErotica aims to deliver exactly what the fans want – a more refined, emotional, and edgy erotic experience.