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November 30th, 2007

Christophe Huet

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Amazing photo retouching by Christophe Huet

November 27th, 2007

Kenzo Minami

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Super nice work by New York based artist Kenzo Minami (site is a little slow to load, but the work is worth it!).

November 26th, 2007

Rinze Van Brug

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Dynamic photography by Rinze Van Brug (via).

November 23rd, 2007

Audrey Kawasaki

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Audrey Kawasaki updates her site with more amazing work. Of-course I’m a big fan!

November 20th, 2007

Elle MacPherson Interactive Storefront

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During New York Fashion Week, Elle MacPherson Intimates launched this cool interactive storefront that allows passersby to revel in voyeur style video footage of models through the window with their movements.

November 18th, 2007

Yuka Yamaguchi

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Beautifully twisted work by Japanese Artist Yuka Yamaguchi. She also has a great Flickr site.

November 17th, 2007


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Yummy work by Australian Illustrator Luke Feldman

November 14th, 2007


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g-rl. is a social community passionate about beautiful artistic nude photography evolved from the real life experiences of artists, models, and photographers in Seattle, WA.

November 12th, 2007


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November 11th, 2007

Keoshe Photography

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Some rockin’ shots at Keoshe Photography

November 8th, 2007

Sasha Grey – Shot By Kern

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Richard Kern shoots young vixen Sasha Grey for VICE/ What do they talk about? Existentialism in porn? Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche are rolling in their graves. Porn as performance art? The modern day porn star a throw back to a Roman gladiator? The difference between a movie and a film? Yes all these questions and some interesting answers from who very well may be the next Jenna Jameson when it comes to revolutionizing the industry.

November 6th, 2007

Ingrid Baars – home

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Beautiful and dynamic work by Ingrid Baars (via).

November 5th, 2007

Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now

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Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now
12 October 2007 – 27 January 2008
Barbican Art Gallery London

November 5th, 2007

Pascal Mohlmann

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Amazing paintings by Pascal Mohlmann

November 3rd, 2007

2 needles

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Known only as “2 needles”, he/she runs Tlazol.teotnia. This person can draw. Insane artwork, totally crazy. I love it. (tip: use the pulldown menu at the top of the page to view all of the work).

November 1st, 2007

Kim Joon

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Updated: The awesome work of South Korean Artist Kim Joon.

November 1st, 2007

Alex Christopher Lugo

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Tasty textural work by American artist/designer Alex Christopher Lugo